A test sieve that does that job right

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Retsch's newly designed test sieve is made with professional-level work in mind. Precision, thoroughness, and attention to detail are the hallmarks of any good analysis. With that in the forefront of our planning, we have redesigned this sieve to meet our customer's standards.

test sieve

After almost a century of experience in the field, Retsch still prioritizes innovation and cutting-edge technology. Because of this, we are affiliated with universities and research institutes in order to stay on top of new developments and trends in the laboratory analysis field. This allows us to keep our methods and production at the highest standards, guaranteeing that our customers consistently receive Retsch-level quality, every time. Also, we stay up to date with the latest DIN and ISO standards, ensuring not only a reliable product, but a safe one as well.

When your methods call for accurate measures and sureness in the results, then a Retsch test sieve is the right tool for you.